How To Extend Your Volvo Car Battery Lifespan

The standard Volvo car battery uses a wet cell, which is a cube made of plastic that has lead and acid within it, with dual terminals which protrude from the side or top. As batteries age, they can become susceptible to a number of problems which can be challenging for even veteran mechanics to resolve. Below are some ways to ensure your battery lasts as long as possible.

Make Sure Your Battery Is Fastened Tightly

It sounds simple, but a battery which isn’t securely attached will vibrate, which over time can cause disruption internally that will result in a short circuit. Inspect the battery terminal periodically, particularly if you drive on dirt roads routinely, to ensure the battery is securely positioned inside its mounting bracket.

Turn Off Electronics When Idling

Electronic devices like the car’s AC or radio should be turned off while the vehicle is idling otherwise you will put greater wear on the battery. It is important to understand that an automobile is a machine comprised of many parts that work together cohesively. You want to conserve as much energy as possible to reduce wear both on the battery and other components.

Reduce Short Trips

Short trips to nearby restaurants or stores should be limited as much as possible; walking is better for your body, and the short car trips prevent the car battery from charging fully. When you do drive your car you want it to be for longer periods of time, and those that don’t drive frequently should consider purchasing a battery charger which is portable, as they can jump start the battery in case they get stranded.

Keep Battery Corrosion Under Control

Battery terminals are subject to corrosion as time passes which is why it is important to clean them periodically. This prevents buildup and will greatly extend battery life. Simply use a toothbrush with water and baking soda to scrub the battery terminals, and then use a spray bottle with cool water to rinse off the mixture and then use a cloth that is clean to dry it.

Make Sure All the Car Lights Are Deactivated When Exiting

Many drivers make the mistake of leaving their car door or headlights on when exiting the vehicle, which can quickly take a toll on the battery. Get in the habit of making sure all the lights are deactivated, even placing a post it on the dashboard which serves as a reminder.

Test Your Car Battery Periodically

Devices can be purchased from most auto dealers that will enable you to test your car battery. This will allow you to determine the level of output voltage so you can monitor the battery’s condition more closely and when it is time to buy a replacement.

How Long Do Batteries Last On Average?

The typical Volvo battery will last from two to five years. Factors which determine its longevity include weather and how frequently the car is driven. Car batteries in warm climates will die faster than those in more temperate environments.