How To Do A Volvo Exhaust System Installation

The exhaust system is as good as the engine system. This can only mean one thing. If one fails, the other system gets affected. That’s why you have no choice but to ensure your car’s exhaust as well as the engine work flawlessly. As strange as it sounds, these two systems should always be flawless. You will of course have an easy time attaining perfection as far as maintenance is concerned if you drive a reliable model like Volvo. You should be concerned though when it comes to installation. To ensure you make no mistakes, consider the following Volvo exhaust system installation tips.

Spray The Hardware

Spray all the bolts and nuts that hold the exhaust system in place using BP blaster. Allow the blaster to soak for at least 5 minutes. You can then remove the muffler from the rear end of the vehicle. Do this using the right pointed socket and ratchet size.

Note that there should be two bolts that hold the muffler. Remove the bolts then slide the muffler off the soft rubber hangers. This will allow you to completely remove both the muffler and the rubber hangers from the car.

Detaching The Exhaust

Once you have removed the muffler, detach the exhaust from them the catalytic converter. You will noticetht the external top connected to the catalytic converter, otherwise referred to as the flange has two or even three bolds attached to it. Remove the bolts before detaching the exhaust. You can then replace old rubber hangers with new ones at this point. Once the hangers are in place, slip in the new muffler right onto the new rubber hangers.

Installing The New Gasket

The gasket is located between the catalytic convert and the exhaust. Install a new one once you’re done fixing the rubber hangers and the mufflers. Be sure to fasten the flange together firmly with the new hardware. This should be easy as you can do the fastening by hand.

Tighten The Bolts

This is one of the most crucial yet often forgotten procedures during exhaust system installation. In fact, it is a safety precaution. So by all means take time to fine tune the placement of your exhaust system. Make sure the bolts on each flange are tight. Remember that the exhaust should hand freely on the rubber hangers. It should not for whatever reason, be pressed against your vehicle’s frame, heat shields of gas tank.

Safety Precautions

You probably want to replace your exhaust system because you want to improve your car performance or because it is part of your routine car service. Either way, prioritize your safety. Buy your replacement parts from trusted dealers. Then during installation, use the right tools. For instance, use size 6 pointed socket and ratchet when removing the muffler. Using 12 pointed sockets for the same job will only cause the bolts and nuts to round off and make them hard and difficult to remove. Remember to also park your car on a flat surface and turn it off as you install the exhaust system.