How To Diagnose Ignition Problems In Your Volvo Car

There are so many things you can take for granted in a car. Your car’s ignition is not and should never be one of them, especially if the car you drive is a Volvo. So each time you suspect it doesn’t work well, try the best you can to have it fixed by a Volvo expert. Ignore an ignition glitch or red flag and it won’t be long before you get stranded in the middle of a nowhere with a Volvo that just won’t start.  So how exactly should you diagnose ignition problems in your Volvo car? Read on to learn more.

Faulty Switch

This is perhaps one of the most common ignition issues Volvo owners often face. It shouldn’t worry you though. More often than not, the prime culprit each time the ignition switch fails to start has something to do with worn out switch. There isn’t much you can do here apart from replacing the switch altogether.

Dormant Or Dead Battery

Note that your car’s fuel injection and battery systems are both linked to the ignition system. So start your diagnosis by examining the battery. You will most likely discover a faulty alternator ‘killed’ your car battery. This will without a doubt take a toll on your car’s ignition system. The solution is simple. Fix the alternator or replace it, then recharge the battery. If this does not work, replace the battery with a new one.

Faulty Spark Plugs

Like most car parts, spark plugs usually succumb to wear and tear. Unfortunately, you cannot replace spark plugs. The only way out here is to replace the faulty spark plugs with new ones. Be sure to go for genuine spark plugs as the market is awash with counterfeit and substandard spark plugs.

Starter Motor Failure

The starter motor failure is the force behind the flywheel. It triggers the car engine cycle which in turn triggers the engine and force it to roar to life. You may have to replace the starter motor with a new one if the one you have is old or damaged beyond repair. Either way, this is hardly a Do It Yourself task, so have it fixed by an expert.

Fuel Pump Failure

Fuel is to a car what blood is to humans. In other words, fuel pump failure means your car’s injectors won’t be fed with enough fuel. Note that faulty injectors can also cause other problems apart from damaging the ignition system.  To solve the problem, consider taking your car for a fuel injection service.

Coil Problems

Ignition coils provide sparks to spark plugs. This function alone makes them vital. Even a minor problem with the coils will reflect in your car’s performance. Your car may not start or it may take time to start. Replace the coils anytime you notice such symptoms.

Point To Note

Volvo is a force to reckon with when it comes to reliable automotive designed and built to perfection. With ignition systems that are now automated and designed to last, expect your car’s ignition system to serve you for a long time. Do note though that you must take your car for regular service so as to detect ignition and other car problems before they worsen.