How To Clean Your Porsche Front Grille And Bumper

When it comes to car maintenance, some parts like the grille and bumper hardly ever seem important. Car owners wipe dirt off them and assume that’s all they need to do to keep them clean. This is of course, wrong. While the two parts seem insignificant, they can easily make a big difference as far as your car’s performance is concerned. So how should one clean the front grille and bumper of a Porsche? This is how to go about it.

 Clean The Grille Regularly

 Cleaning the grille stands out as one of the most basic yet important forms of car maintenance you can do. Debris gets stuck around the grille after some time.  As the accumulations grow, they reduce air flow. Before long, the engine overheats. This then causes overall low performance of your car. It also makes the engine susceptible to wear and tear, a downside that shortens the engine lifespan. By regularly cleaning the grille, you avoid all these problems.

 Start by vacuuming the grille before washing it. that way, you will get rid of all the dust, dirt and debris from the car. Vacuuming will also remove large pieces of dirt and debris which would otherwise be hard to remove by hand. Once you’re done with vacuuming, apply an automatic safe cleaning solution to the grille. Rinse the solution with a power jet from pressure washer or hose.

 Straighten Bent Fins

 Closely examine small metal fins after cleaning your car. The fins are designed to filter out much of the dirt and dust that accumulate at the grille as you drive. As this happens, fins get bent because of the impact of the debris. This also reduces air flow to the engine.  To fix the problem, use a fin comb. The comb is designed to help you gently straighten the bent without worsening the damage. They are available in most auto repair stores, so you don’t have to worry about where to buy them.  Use a slow yet steady force while using them to straighten the bent fins.  This will reduce the need to make extra passes over the bent fins. It will also reduce the risk of harming or breaking the fins.

 Use Enough Water

 Always use the right amount of water when cleaning your Porsche front grille. Too little and the cleaning solution you use won’t work like it should.  Too much water and you will end up washing all the soap before it can loosen and eventually break the dirt on the grille and bumper. Get a sprayer head on a hose that features multiple settings like flat, mist and spray. That way, you can fine tune how water gets to your car. Its sounds insignificant but it makes a difference.

 Use An Electric Car Dryer

 It is more or less like a big hair dryer for your car. With it, you won’t have to be worried about water traps. It also comes in handy when you do not have the patience to sun dry your car or wipe the wet areas with a towel.