How To Check Your Porsche Brake Pads

Porsche brake pads, like any other component in the vehicle's entire braking system, play an important role in making sure that the vehicle works properly whenever brakes are applied. These important components should work all the time regardless of where you are going. Learn how to check these brake pads from time to time.


It is always important to listen to the sound that your brakes make. Your Porsche brake pads have been made to give you a warning signal as to when they should be changed. They do that by producing an unusual sound that you may not have heard of before. The sound is similar to when any metal touches the wheels as the car moves. They become louder whenever you make use of your brakes. This must be taken as a sign to actually have the brakes repaired, adjusted, or replaced as the case may be.


Having a closer look at the wheels will help you check your brake pads as well. Dust accumulation on the wheel can come from the brakes and must be taken as a sign of the wear and tear of the brakes. You will notice that the amount of dust seen on the wheels decreases when brake pads are worn out. This can be taken as a sign that the brake pads need replacement.


Another important thing to help you check your brake pads is to observe it. Brake pads are commonly seen through the wheel. You have to take a look at the wheel and see how thick the brake pads are. Pads are thin when they measure less than a fourth of an inch. This is another sign that they need replacement. Another sign that the brake pads need replacement is the presence of a hole or slot on the center. When this slot is almost gone then you need to replace your brake pads.


One of the things that you must also take note of whenever you are checking your brake pads is to feel the steering wheel and the brake pedal. Vibrations on both components will mean that there is something completely wrong with the brake pad.


There may be some of you out there who are not really into checking your brake pads. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, the next best thing to do is take your car to an expert who can do the checking for you. Having your brake pads checked right away will help save your life and other lives. It will mean saving anyone from probability of accidents. It can also be critical to lengthening the life of your car.

Remember there can be no specific time as to when you will need replacing your brake pads. If you are quite unsure, it is always best to check them to help determine if they have reached their age of wear and tear. This will depend on where and how you usually drive. You can have the pads checked too when your car tires are rotated once in every six months. You can always revisit your car's manual when you are not sure of what to do next.