How to Buy Volvo Wing Mirrors

Wing mirrors are also known as door or side mirrors. They are an important safety feature by assisting the driver to see behind and on the sides of the car. Because they are so critical for driving, it’s vitally important that your Volvo wing mirrors always work. Frankly, it’s illegal to drive without your driver’s side wing mirror. Don’t chance getting ticketed.

Due to on-street parking, narrow streets, and even accidents, wing mirrors are frequently damaged or completely knocked off the car. That’s because it’s a small part of the car that sticks out the farthest. If you’ve damaged your Volvo wing mirrors, don’t worry! Modern mirrors are made of many different parts which can be replaced. You don’t have to purchase an entire mirror if only one part has been damaged.

Wing Mirror Parts 

Before you get out your credit card to purchase a mirror, look at it closely. Many times, only a single part of Volvo wing mirrors need to be replaced. Ordering only what you need can save you some cash. Identify what part will need replacing by familiarizing yourself with all the components. You can order those pieces separately instead of buying everything. Plus, it’s a fairly easy fix to do yourself.

The parts are: Volvo wing mirror repeater lamp (indicator light built in the mirror); Wing mirror covers; stick-on wing mirror glass; replacement mirror glass and backing; and complete wing mirror (includes interior housing, mirror glass, and cover). The complete mirror includes all wiring, plugs, and connections. Your specific Volvo wing mirrors may have other unique components. Check your driver’s manual for details.

Ordering Your Components

Once you have finished looking through the manual, enter your registration number on the Volvo website to identify your car. This will give you the correct Volvo wing mirror parts to order.


The least expensive and simplest part of the mirror to replace is also the most commonly broken. This is the mirror glass itself. You simply pop out the mirror glass and exchange it with a new one. There are several replacement types available.

A direct replacement for the original Volvo wing mirror glass includes both the backing plate and the mirror. The glass is mounted directly to the plate and simply clips into the mirror’s housing after removing broken pieces. If you have heated mirrors, it will include these elements as well.

Another type of replacement is a “stick-on” mirror. This has a strong adhesive on the back and cut the correct shape. You can either stick it on the cleaned mirror plate or right on the broken mirror. This is the least expensive and quickest solution to the problem; however, you won’t have the same view, and/or the heating element won’t work. This mirror also falls off more easily, so consider this a temporary solution.

Another thing to be aware of is that driver’s side wing mirrors are different than ones on the passenger side. The driver’s side mirror is usually flatter to help eliminate blind spots, so be sure to purchase the correct mirror glass.

Mirror Covers

Sometimes the opposite issue appears: the glass and interior components are functioning, but the cover is cracked or broken so you only need the exterior piece.

Like the mirrors, covers vary from one side of the car to the other, so be sure you’re ordering the correct one. If your Volvo wing mirrors have built-in indicators, that needs a different cover as well.

In addition, be aware that, when buying mirror covers, the outside finish will not be painted to match your car. It will arrive in grey primer or textured black and ready for paint. You can do the painting yourself or ask a body shop to do it.