How Should You Replace A Volvo Ignition Lock Assembly?

A vehicle typically operates once you have turned the key forward. There can be instances, though, when the operation gets more complicated than usual. This is because of small parts or the ignition lock assembly found inside the device. You may need to replace the Volvo ignition lock assembly depending on its condition.

What is an Ignition Lock Assembly?

This part looks like a tumbler. It is a key mechanism that functions to supply power to auxiliary components. It usually engages the starter motor for it to begin the ignition process. This component rarely has problems. In fact, it is meant to last throughout the life of the vehicle. With constant use, however, or with broken keys and debris found inside the tumbler, there is a tendency for it to fail. This is indicated by difficulties when inserting or removing keys, or even when a car does not start at all.

More modern cars using keyless remote starting, on the other hand, relies on a computer chip to get the vehicle moving. This means that it has a different type of ignition system too. When replacing the ignition lock assembly, remember then that the process is made for vehicles that do not carry push button and chip-style features.

Remove What Needs to be Removed

Start by disconnecting the vehicle's battery, paying attention both to positive and negative cables on it. From there, you should remove the steering column cover bolts, which are located on the bottom and side of the steering column. This should be removed to give you access to the ignition lock cylinder. Remove the plastic covers over the bolts then set them aside. Steering column covers should be removed as well. This process becomes easier if you unlock the steering wheel, thus loosening the covers.

Work on Ignition Lock Cylinder

Once you have removed the covers, it will be easier to locate the ignition lock cylinder. Remove its cover, making sure that the metal or plastic clip has been removed as well. There is a small screw holding the cover in place. This is commonly found at the bottom of the ignition switch. Slide the cover off the cylinder.

When removing the lock cylinder, make sure that you have inserted the key, turning it to the first setting. This unlocks the steering wheel. Remove the cylinder from the housing, and loosen the screws found on top of the lock body.

Install the New Ignition Lock Cylinder

This is actually a simple job for experts, but for first-timers, you need to refer to your vehicle's service manual in order to do the job. Some vehicles require pressing down on the bottom spring found on the lock cylinder. This will keep it from binding up inside the housing. From there, you just need to secure the cylinder inside the housing by tightening the screws found on the lock body. Reinstall the cover and all other components that you have removed. Make sure that you start reinstalling the last part to the first component that you have removed during the process. Once you are done, you can check if the new ignition lock cylinder works properly.