How Often Should You Do A Porsche A/C Compressor Recharge?

The air conditioning unit of your car is much like the HVAC system you have at your home or workplace. It bears a close resemblance to the refrigeration system of your fridge. Refrigerant plays an important role in its operation. When it is on the lower side, there would be no proper cooling, and the system won’t function at all.

When Is The Right Time To Get Your AC System Recharged?

The first thing to comprehend is the fact that your system doesn’t need recharging. To some extent, loss of refrigerant is possible, and it’s quite normal. It doesn’t really affect the system’s operation, as the loss is in minute amount. Speaking of which, sometimes you can face a situation where your system begins to degrade with time.

Getting back to the question of how often recharging is required for your Porsche A/C compressor; it depends on a few things. There is nothing called routine maintenance or servicing kind of thing here. You may not need to recharge every year, or even once in 2 years. The best way to judge perfect timing to get your system recharged is when you experience relatively less cooling, and just on the verge of complete cooling loss.

Inspection is required when your system is not producing the same effect as it used to do. A mechanic will carry out a thorough evaluation to check if there is any refrigerant leak. If no leakage is found, they will perform the normal evacuation and recharge service. In case they do find a leakage, the damaged component may need replacement. Leak in the system can be due to various internal factors, and it can cause a serious drop in the refrigerant level. In such a situation, any damage to the compressor is prevented by total shut down of the air conditioning system. Most of the Porsche owners often operate under the wrong idea that all they need to do is to ‘top off’ the refrigerant, regularly.  But this doesn’t work in actual.

What Is Evac And Recharge Service?

In case of no leakage, the evacuation and recharge service is carried out by connecting the AC system of your car to a special equipment, which vacuums all the old oil and refrigerant from the system. Then it is refilled to the proper level. On completion of the service, the mechanic will test the operation of the system and make sure that the AC is cooling as per the original specification of the vehicle. It is done by measuring the air temperature produced at the dash vents.

You just need to ensure that there is enough refrigerant in the AC system to keep it functioning properly.  Depending on your location and climate, time period can vary in which the AC recharge lasts. Your car AC is not something that runs constantly, so you can expect the recharge to last at least 3 years, unless you live in a hot and humid place. As long as you are staying cool, there is no need of recharging!