How Much Oil Should You Put Inside Your A/C System?

There are two fluids that your car can’t do without – oil and of course, fuel. This does not mean any way that other fluids like the brake fluid and water aren’t important.  They are. As a matter of fact, all these fluids work together to ensure your car systems operate at their optimum best. Take oil for instance. Just how important is it? Is it really necessary for you’re A/C system? The answer is a big yes! But over and beyond this seemingly obvious answer lies another disturbing question. How much oil should you put inside the A/C system? Read on to learn more.

Precision Is Key

You must be extremely careful when adding oil to your car’s A/C system. Too much oil will decrease the compressor’s cooling capacity. On the other hand, inadequate oil will leave it susceptible to glitches that can hamper efficiency. Avoid second guessing what is enough and what isn’t. If you are not sure, have an expert assist you.

Old Compressors

The rules are different when you’re dealing with an old compressor and when you’re dealing with a new one. For an old compressor, you first have to drain old oil to the last drop before filling it with new oil. Be sure to measure the amount of oil you drain. Then replace the oil your drained with the exact amount of new oil.

New Compressors

Most new compressors are usually prefilled with oil. This can only mean one thing – you have to be extremely careful with the amount of oil you choose to add. Excess oil as already mentioned, can do more harm than good to the compressor. Mixing a 4oz can with at least two 12oz cans for refrigerant R134a should be enough. Anything beyond that is excess.

A/C System Flushing

Be keen on any sound that comes off your A/C system. You may not have to worry so much if you have a reliable Volvo A/C system, but be keen all the same just in case you notice or hear something unusual. Noises coming off the A/C system may mean there are residuals inside the compressor mixed with oil. In other words, the oil could be contaminated, so you have no choice but to flush the system. Do not at this point assume that just because you have flushed the contaminated oil, the residuals are completely gone. Have an expert do the flushing to ensure the system is free off any contaminant. Only then can you add oil to make the system function smoothly again.

Oil Quality

The market is awash with so many oil brands. It is hard, especially for a first time car owner to know which oil is ideal for A/C systems. Note that using the wrong lubricant on any part of your car never ends well. Your car’s performance can easily take a nose dive. The car may even break down altogether. So be keen not just with the amount of oil you put into the A/C system but also the type or quality of oil you add into the system. To be sure, consult an A/C expert on how to go about the A/C oiling issue.