How Much Oil Does Your Porsche A/C System Need?

The Porsche A/C compressor is an important part of the A/C system. It follows then that if the A/C compressor is working effectively then the A/C system will function efficiently as well. With proper maintenance, nothing can go wrong with the compressor.

The compressor uses a lubricant that allows it to perform effectively. It has to be noted, however, that there is sufficient amount of oil in the compressor at all times. Adding too much oil will decrease the cool air that runs into the cabin. How much oil does your Porsche A/C system need? It depends on the following instances.

Oil in a New Compressor

When you have just installed a new compressor in your luxury car, you have to make sure that the compressor has been pre-filled with oil. This will help assure that the right amount of oil has been added to it and that you can determine how much oil needs to be added further once you receive the unit. Generally, a new compressor needs a mixture of two cans of 12 oz. of refrigerant R-134a and 4 oz. of oil.

Oil in an Old Compressor

If your compressor is old but does not need replacement yet, you can add oil to it by draining any old-stocked oil inside it. It will be important to measure the amount of oil you are draining so that you will know how much is needed to be replaced.

Oil When Replacing A/C System Components

There are instances when you will need to replace several of the components of your Porsche A/C system. The amount of oil needed will depend upon the part you will be replacing. Adding two ounces of oil will be required in case you replace oil inside the accumulator or in the evaporator. An ounce of oil, on the other hand, will be needed if you replace it in the condenser of filter drier.

Other Things to Consider

Replacing oil in the compressor and its parts is not the only thing you should do to save this vital part from failing. You should perform A/C system flushing too especially when you notice that the compressor produces noise. This is a signal that there is some dirt or residuals that have been mixed in the oil found inside the compressor. In order to prevent the system from malfunctioning, the contaminated oil must be flushed out right away and replaced with a new one.

It will also be good to make sure that you only use the most suitable lubricant for your compressor. You do not want your compressor to fail just because you used the wrong oil. This can damage all other A/C components too. Likewise, you must remember to avoid bumps when driving off road or on a rough terrain. This can impact your compressor and cause it to fail.

When you have followed all these vital rules when it comes to replacing oil in your Porsche A/C compressor, there is nothing much to worry about. This will be the best way for you to make sure that the compressor will function effectively for as long as expected.