How Long Will Your Volvo A/C Compressor Last?

When a car is running properly, very few people give all its working parts a lot of thought. As long as we are comfortable, and the car gets us where we need to go, all must be in order. So your Volvo AC compressor ends up being one of those things you never think about – until something bad happens.

What's a Volvo AC Compressor For?

During hot summer days, your compressor works overtime. Most people don't even know what their AC compressor does. Its name gives it away – is responsible for refrigerant compression and getting that refrigerant to the air condenser in your car. A drive belt(s) in your engine powers this process. Liquid refrigerant is highly pressurized and converted to gas. This gas uses tubes to circulate and release heat, causing cooling. As it returns to the compressor, cooled gas goes back to the form of liquid. Your car’s cabin is chilled by the cooled gas.

Is There a Specific Lifespan To a Volvo AC Compressor?

There are no specifics here. In any car, determining how long any part will last is pretty much left to chance. Preventative maintenance can help lengthen the lifespan of a part or component, but eventually, everything fails.

Is there anything that can be done to determine the lifespan of a compressor? Yes. A lot has to do with the car’s age. Today's cars are considerably reliable, including the air conditioning system. It is rare that you experience problems with modern cars. But as those miles and years add up, and the age of the car progresses, all sorts of parts experience wear and tear. Eventually, this leads to malfunction and failure. Where AC compressors are concerned, failure and malfunctioning will equate to no or little cool air being produced by your air conditioning system.

How to Care for Your Compressor

Experts recommend that, throughout the year, to keep your AC compressor in tip-top condition, you run your air conditioning system regularly. This will extend its longevity and keep it working properly. Some individuals (cars) use the AC compressor in the defrost cycle for ventilation or for heating functions. If your car is not capable of doing that, even during the winter months, set aside 10 minutes per month to run your air conditioning system.

If your vehicle has already had the AC compressor replaced, you may find that the original part will outlive the replacement part. Check with the part manufacturer or distributor for a warranty. With proper care, most ports will last longer.

If Your AC Just Isn't Cutting It

So, you turn on your air conditioning system to get some much-needed relief from the heat and you get marginally cool air or, worse yet, you don't get any cold air at all. The culprit could be a broken or dysfunctional Volvo AC compressor. However, there are a number of other possibilities.

If you're thinking about working on your AC system on your own, remember this: special tools are needed to service an AC system because it involves liquid refrigerant that is kept at high pressures thanks to the compressor. You might want to talk to mechanic if you experience problems with your Volvo’s air conditioning system.