How Long Will Your Porsche A/C Compressor Last?

Test drive a 15 or even a 10 year old used car on a hot summer day for at least one hour and you might be swayed by some of its retro features. But chances are, you will end up having a hard time with the A/C compressor. As a matter of fact, the odds are ten to slightly above one that the A/C compressor no longer works. That’s just how A/C Compressors are built. Not so with Porsche models. They stand out as the exception. But even then, how long do they last?  There’s no certain answer. That’s because the lifespan of you’re A/C compressor depends on several things. How often you service your car is for instance, a huge determining factor on how long the A/C compressor can or will last. The following tips can also have a positive impact on how long your Porsche A/C compressor will last.

Be On the Lookout For Red Flags

Worn out bearings, seals leaking and long term corrosion can all take a toll on you’re A/C compressor. The good thing about this setback though is that there will be a myriad of telltale signs to give you a hint that something is wrong with the AC. The red flag could be anything from a foul, dumpy odor to hot air in the car and leaks on the dashboard. It won’t be long before your compressor shuts down and fails. This could be as a result of a faulty pulley, a misaligned accessory drive belt or any motor problem causing undue stress. Have all these problems fixed by an expert before they worsen.

The Age Of Your Car

The Porsche is without a doubt a car to reckon with. This does not mean though that it’s A/C system is flawless. It is built and designed to perfection, that’s for sure. But how long it lasts and serves you well depends on how well you service your Porsche and most importantly, its age. You won’t have to worry about this if yours is a newer model. For vintage models however, the best you can do is to ensure the A/C system is serviced at least once every year.

Scheduled Maintenance

Think of your A/C compressor as your general fitness. To keep in shape throughout the year, you have no choice but to work out. Likewise, to keep your Porsche’s compressor in shape, you have no choice but to run it regularly. This will keep the system working regularly and extend its longevity. Remember that most car models use the A/C compressor for ventilation and heating in the defrost cycle. If yours does not, run the compressor for at least 15 minutes each month. Do this even during cold winter months.

Replaced Compressors

The lifespan of a replaced A/C compressor and that of the one that came along with the car when you first bought it can never be the same. The later will always last longer than the former. That’s simply because the factory original compressor comes along with genuine and sturdier parts. After market A/C compressors on the other hand will always come along with one or two year warranties. They can however, last longer with proper care and maintenance.