How Long Do Porsche Windshield Wipers Last?

If you drive a car, particularly a Porsche, you have probably never stopped to think about the job of the humble windshield wiper. You simply flick a switch and your Porsche windshield wipers leap into action clearing the debris, rain, sleet, hail or snow from your windshield giving you perfect vision of the road ahead and other traffic. This is something we very much take for granted until there is a problem with the windshield wipers. They don’t work indefinitely and will need replacing many times during your car’s lifetime. They are used so often due to the varied climates we live in and this can expose them to extremes of temperature. The rubber will start to deteriorate as it is not designed to be a long-lasting material.

How Often Do You Use Your Windshield Wipers?

You will not really have thought about this until asked, but now you have been nudged into thinking about it, I bet it is within the last 3 days. Even if you don’t use them in the summer very often, you will still need to clear dirt and dust from your windshield. Your Porsche windshield wipers are made from a rubber material, as with all cars, but even though they are of a high quality, they will still start to deteriorate from the continued use. Even in hotter climates you will still need to replace the windshield wipers as the rubber perishes or loses shape.

What Do The Experts Say?

Generally speaking, it is advisable to replace your Porsche windshield wipers around every six to twelve, although this is subject to the weather conditions and the quality of the windshield wiper blades.  You can get a better quality wiper blade made from silicon and these are the hardest wearing of all. These will love all weather conditions and as they last longer they will generally last longer than 12 months before the need for them to be replaced. High quality comes at a higher price tag, but it is worth it as the superiority of these can be seen immediately.

How To tell If Your Windshield Blades Need Replacing

Of course, you may not want to just replace your wiper blades diligently every six months or so. So, how can you tell if you need to change them? The answer is simple, as you will start to notice streaks along your windshield in the arc of their travel. Or perhaps, you will see that water has not been removed from the windshield in an area. Usually the whole of the blade will not show signs of deterioration; it will be certain spots along the wiper that go first.  Another tell-tale sign that they need replacing is a squeaking sound as they travel across the windshield. This is a different sound to using your wipers when the windshield is dry. If you do not heed the warning sounds and replace your Porsche windshield wipers the rubber or silicone will shred or break altogether. Part of it may break free from the metal strip holding it in place and it will flap across the windshield.

Is A Complete Replacement Necessary?

Luckily there is an option to only replace the rubber or silicone blade with a new one that can easily be inserted into the holding arm. Although, sometimes it may be necessary to replace the whole arm, but this is generally only after quite a few years, so is very infrequent.