How Does The Grille Affect The Performance Of Your Porsche?

There are so many reasons why Porsche stands out as a model people associate with class. Over and beyond class though, lies other perks that make the model stand out even more. The model is, for instance, efficient with modern models coming complete with artificial intelligence features that make it easy for one to operate the car remotely. Then there are other perks that have a lot to do with design and functionality. Take Porsche’s grille for instance. So uniquely designed is the component that no other automotive brand has been able to replicate it. But how in the first place does the grille affect your Porsche’s performance?

Installation Matters

Porsche deliberately decided to forgo the intricacies of radiator protection. It took a different approach which still works. You therefore have the grille mounted right the front end of the car leaving other components around the radiator exposed. That is where OEM custom tailored grilles come into the picture.  But before going for one, note that custom made Porsche grilles should always attach to the inexpensive and replaceable ductwork that fixes at the back of the bumper area. This will mean reverting back to stock will not force you to incur painting or bodywork costs.

Duct Work

Having grills affixed at the front bumper should not be a problem. One should be keen though with ductwork during installation as it tends to snag as one assembles the front bumper back.  Make sure all ducts are securely fitted into their receptacles on the bumper. You can support the ducts from the bottom so as to alleviate the sagging problem. Remember a faulty duct means a faulty radiator which in turn means the engine overheating. To be on the safe side, have an expert help you with the entire process.

OEM Vs Aftermarket Grilles

From a layman’s point of view, there is usually nothing wrong with aftermarket grilles. They are after all, cheap and readily available in most stores. Like most Porsche experts will tell you however, you can never be sure with aftermarket grilles. They either fit into your Porsche grille assembly or not. It is always a balancing act. This is hardly the case with OEM Porsche grilles. With OEM Porsche grilles, you can be sure your supplier has the precise measurements from Porsche.  The grille you end up with therefore meets design and engineering specifications from Porsche. You can also be sure of genuine grilles with color schemes that match that of your Porsche model.

The Type Of Grille

Grilles come in three main designs.  There is the mesh grille, the billet grille and the aforementioned custom-made grille. Each one of these grilles comes along with perks and a few downsides.  Whatever you go for, make sure your choice does not in any way affect the aerodynamics of your Porsche.  Stick to one that will make it easy for the engine to cool down and make your Porsche grille assembly look aesthetically appealing at the same time. Be sure to also consider factors like the weather conditions where you drive as well as your driving habits.