How Does A Porsche Windshield Wiper Motor Work?

A Porsche windshield wiper motor is the essential component to make your windshield wipers work. Without this your wipers would not move. It is necessary for the electric motor that drives the wipers to be reduced in speed in order for it to be effective and not spin the wipers off the wiper arms. Therefore, a worm gear is employed as an intermediary to control that force. The speed of the motor is slowed down by 50 times and at the same time the torque is increased by 50 times.

Are Two Wipers Better Than One?

From the outside all you see are the windshield wipers and the windshield wiper arms. The magic happens under the hood. Most cars have dual windshield wipers; one on each side of the windshield. These work in harmony to keep the windshield clear of debris on both the driver’s side and the passenger’s side of the car. However, there are some vehicles that only use one large sweeping wiper blade. The two-wiper system works with the two wipers attached to brackets that in turn are connected to a long rod. The wipers are allowed to pivot from side to side to give the most effective clearance. The wipers are linked together, and the passenger windshield wiper is forced to move by the actions of the motor on the driver’s side.

There is an electric circuit snuggled inside the worm gear and it is this that is able to sense when the wipers are down. The circuit continues in a cycle keeping power to the motor arm until the wipers return to their position at the base of the windshield. The power to the motor is then stopped momentarily, until it starts again to re-activate the wipers.

What About The Cam?

There is a short cam that rotates as the Porsche windshield wiper motor turns. This cam is connected to a long rod. The spinning action of the cam causes the rod to move back and forth, which in turn activates your wipers in the arc you see every day. The cam ensures the wipers stop at the same point each time.

Wipers Don’t Just Roam Free

Wiper arms have points along them that keep the pressure even. This allows wiper blades to remain in contact with the windshield along its whole length. There can be a varying number of pressure points along the wiper arm, and as you would expect, more is better as it gives a greater grip.

Problems With Your Windshield Motor?

As with any other component of your car you can develop a problem with the Porsche windshield wiper motor. It can just become worn out through simple wear and tear and need replacing, or it can be affected by rust, which can clog it up. The first time you might notice a problem could be when the intermittent windshield wiper setting stops working. The good news is you can replace the windshield wiper motor with one of equal quality.