How Do Your Porsche Car's Axles Affect Speed?

The axle is also known as the central shaft found in a rotating gear or wheel. For wheeled vehicles, the axle is commonly fixed to either the wheel or the vehicle. Since this part affects the rotation of the wheels, it is but normal to think that they can affect speed as well. In the case of Porsche cars, how do axles affect speed?

Basic Functions of an Axle

Your car's axles are responsible for driving, breaking, and steering. This applies to all cars, Porsche included. All these basic functions served by axles are known to affect speed. Suffice it to say, when axles are malfunctioning, speed is affected as well. Getting to understand how axles work, you will also find out that they have a role to play when transferring torque and power coming from the car engine going to your wheels. Torque and power dictate the car's speed and for the axle to function for this purpose, it must be able to sustain the weight of everything from the vehicle to the cargo to its passengers. It must be able to sustain accelerated forces when braking and driving.

The Different Types of Axle

One type is called the drive axle which is linked to the car's driveshaft, the rod that connects the transmission to the car engine. The engine, in turn, is responsible in making sure the axle will turn and function accordingly. The dead axle, another type, is one which is not connected to the car's engine. This type of axle will turn too but only when the vehicle is moving. The movement is actually caused by the drive axle. The basic function of this type of axle is to help carry the weight of the car.

More on Car Axles and Speed

Getting to know the different axle types and how they function, you will understand that both types have roles to play when it comes to the speed of your car. The drive axle is responsible for the movement of the car which is crucial in making sure that the car attains the desired speed in any given circumstance. On the other hand, the dead axle, which concentrates on carrying the weight of the car, has to function properly too in order to make the car move at a faster speed. Weight and movement are elements that affect speed thus axles affect speed as well.

What Happens When Axles Malfunction?

The answer is they should be replaced right away. Imagine how much weight these parts carry. Despite being manufactured to carry that weight and to enable the car to move, there will always come a time when they wear and tear. When they do, then they will weaken and will need replacement. Apart from wear and tear, you should consider some other signs that say your axles need to be replaced. One is when you hear a sudden clucking sound when you put your car into gear. Vibrations when turning, driving, or braking, can also be considered as signs that there is an issue with the axle. Last but not the least – axles need to be replaced once your car does not move even when it sounds like it is running.

If you want to make sure that speed is not affected by a malfunctioning axle, you have to replace the part right away. And if you own a Porsche, only Porsche OEM parts are highly recommended. The complete axle shaft assembly may need to be changed.