How Do Automatic Porsche Windshield Wipers Work?

Through the years, while automakers pushed efforts to make sure that their respective car models are updated in order to go with the trend, they have also made it a point that some of the parts of these vehicles are updated as well. In the world of Porsche cars, the carmaker has also introduced new technologies to its Porsche windshield wipers. Here are things you should know about automatic windshield wipers in Porsche cars.

Why Automatic Windshield Wipers?

In the endeavor to add better functionalities to windshield wipers, automatic versions have been carefully thought of to make things easier for the driver. The driver no longer has to worry about turning on the wiper system whenever it is raining outside. Automatic windshield wipers have been made to turn on by themselves and to move depending on the weather conditions outside. They can flail back and forth as fast as they could when the situation calls for it.

Evolution of Automatic Windshield Wipers

The first ever sets of automatic windshield wipers were introduced in such a way that intermitted wiper delay was adjusted depending on the electrical current draw of the car's wiper motor. This allowed for wiper blades to glide smoothly whenever a windshield becomes wet from the rain. This also means using less energy and having a control circuit determines whenever rain is present.

From this, new technologies have also been introduced where the rain is sensed by a module that has been mounted inside the windshield. This one contains LEDs as well as a set of light collectors. The LED light acts as a sensor that determines whether the windshield needs to move or not. When it is hot and dry outdoors, the LED light will then bounce off to the windshield and the collectors. Once a raindrop is sensed by the module, on the other hand, light would then refract away from the light collectors thus triggering the wiper blades to move and do its work.

Problems with Automatic Windshield Wipers

The design of older automatic windshield wipers has caused chaos from time to time especially in the past. Back then, these windshield wipers were not able to determine presence of fine mist coming from road sprays which means the blades are not triggered to move even when this is the case. Additionally, sensors are triggered to move faster whenever cars are taken out for a car wash.

How Things Changed for Automatic Windshield Wipers

In order to solve problems encountered with the older windshield wiper blades, hardware for these wipers has been changed through the years. Now, with faster computer processors in place, the sensors have become more accurate thus allowing the blades to work flawlessly. There are some cars where drivers take charge of activating the automatic wiper mode though while others can be turned on all the time.

Enjoy automatic windshield wipers for your Porsche cars all the time. If you want to make sure that defective wipers are replaced with authentic parts then it will be good to choose OEM Porsche parts.