Get To Know The Types Of Volvo Exhaust Systems

Volvo exhaust systems can be divided into five categories, which are dual opposite exhaust, performance exhaust, one exit pipe, two side exhausts, and two rear exits. The purpose of your exhaust is to get rid of gases which are emitted due to engine combustion. Most exhaust systems consist of a tube that extends to the vehicle’s rear and which use a catalytic converter, which is responsible for cleansing gases and various components.

Dual opposite Exhaust

Dual opposite exhaust systems encapsulate the wheel, and will use their bend for filtering. They are used mostly on automobiles which are manufactured to tow heavy loads. They work well for hauling boats or trailers since they won’t leave any residue on them and in certain scenarios are much more efficient than other exhaust types.

Performance Exhaust

Performance exhaust systems are some of the most costly, but this is because they operate at a much higher level and can filter out gases more efficiently. These exhausts are rarely standard, and will instead be installed as an aftermarket unit. Aside from superior gas filtering, they also enable the car to operate with greater speed, acceleration and maneuverability. The pipes tend to be wider which lowers pressure, and this result in greater engine function. However, few people are willing to invest the money needed to acquire and install these exhausts unless they are competing in racing competitions, as its installation requires the manifold to be altered.

One Exit Pipe

This is the exhaust system that you will find in most Volvos. They consist of a single pipe, and are preferred by manufacturers because they are the most cost effective to construct and install. However, they aren’t that efficient when compared to other types, and the exhaust pipe will usually be positioned on the car’s passenger side.

Two Side Exhausts

Two side exhausts consist of two pipes which sit in close proximity to one another on one of the vehicle sides. Using two pipes for the expulsion of gas has much greater efficiency than a single pipe. However, dual pipes are typically smaller than their single counterparts which results in a deeper sound which resembles performance exhaust, and they do offer increased performance, although not to the same extent.

Two Rear Exits

Two rear exists are designed for sportier automobiles, or owners that want their vehicles to appear as such. They provide a sound with a deeper note that makes the engine appear powerful. The system uses two pipes, but what makes it different from the standard dual exhaust system is that the pipes are located on opposite sides of the car, beneath the rear bumper, instead of both pipes being located on the same side. They are superior to single pipe systems when it comes to the expulsion of gas, but unlike other variants the pipes will not encapsulate the wheels.