Factors To Consider When Shopping For Porsche Wiper Blades

It is easy to forget or even ignore the fact that wipers and wiper blades particularly are safety features. Drive in heavy rains or snow or get blinded by the glare of dirty blades and it hits you just how important wipers and wiper blades are.  That’s because an obscured or unclean windshield can easily cost one’s life. Just as most Porsche owners do not realize the washer fluid tank is empty until it fails to squirt water, car owners hardly realize that wiper blades are faulty until there is a sudden but immediate visibility concern. By then it is usually too late. One therefore ends up buying the wrong wiper blades or wasting money on the wrong size of wiper blades. This cannot happen with the following considerations in mind.


Porsche windshield wipers are designed to last. This does not mean though that they can last forever. They will wear out at some point with or without your knowledge. So always inspect them periodically. You can easily do this by lifting each wiper arm off the windshield. Then run your finger along the rubber edge. If the rubber is chipped or rigid or it produced, nonstop streaking, you need new wiper blades.

Refer To Your Car Manual

This sounds easy. Strangely though, most Porsche owners ignore the manual.  This is often a big mistake because it is only from the manual that one will know the exact size of a Porsche wiper blade needed. It is also important to note that when it comes Porsche models, finding replacement inserts where only the rubber part is replaced into the already existing frame is hard. Installation in such cases calls for the deft use of needle nose pliers. It makes more sense to replace the whole blade assembly.

Wiper Blade Types

Conventional wiper blades and beam blade stand out as the most common types of wiper blades. Like you will find out though, there is much more into Porsche windshield wipers than just these two types of wiper blades.  For instance, you will have to choose between silicon wiper blades and rubber blades. Price tags will most likely inform your choice here. Rubber blades are ideal for anyone concerned about the price. Not so when it comes to silicone wiper blades. They last longer. They also wipe away water and debris more effectively with each stroke.  As far as durability is concerned, silicon wiper blades last twice as long as rubber blades.  The fact that they are quieter while moving on the windshield is yet another perk worth considering.

Your Porsche’s Model

Older Porsche models had conventional wiper blades.  Newer ones come along with beam blades which are spring steel and rubber blades that no not feature an external frame. This allows the blades to put even pressure across the windshield as they wipe. Beam blades usually cost twice as much as conventional blades but they last longer. They also happen to be the best option for curved windshields because of how flexible they are.