Do Your Porsche CV Axles Need Replacement?

Have you been bothered by the sound that your Porsche car makes whenever you need to turn at slow speeds? Does the noise sound like a ticking clock? It is easy to blame any component of your car that is actually making the noise. Take note though that the problem is actually related to your Porsche CV axles and can be taken as a sign that they need replacement. Let us dig deeper into the noise that you are hearing and why it should be taken seriously as a warning that something is wrong with your car's CV axles.

CV Joints Defined

Before answering that question, let us define what CV joints are. CV joint or Constant Velocity joint is that part of the car that guarantees your wheels will turn at a constant velocity regardless of whether the car's suspension is moving up or down. This is located at either end of the shaft, a part that drives the wheels. There is that inner CV joint which is crucial in connecting the car shaft to the transmission. Outer CV joints, on the other hand, connect the shaft and the wheels.


Noise is the actual culprit that dictates you will need to change the CV joint. That clicking sound can be very bothersome and you do not have to be an expert to conclude that something is wrong. Although you will not blame the CV axles at first, there is something in that noise which will lead you to recognize that these parts are really causing the problem and that replacement can be the only solution at that particular instant.

The clicking sound will not be bothersome at first. In fact, you may hear the click but you will not really say something is wrong with the CV joint right away. It may take some time before you notice the problem.

Diagnosing the Problem

The first thing you should do when you hear the clicking sound is to park your car. Make sure you are parking on a smooth ground. Once parked, try turning the wheel fully following a single direction. Move the car forward while accelerating gently and holding the wheel steadily. Do the same thing but in the opposite direction. You will know that the CV joint is worn out and already needs replacement upon hearing a distinct sound while following this procedure. This noise can become louder and the problem worse when left unattended.

Replacing the CV Joint

CV joint replacement is not as complicated as you think and yes, you can take on the job. Take note though that you need special tools to remove components connected to the CV joint before starting the work. Make sure too that you know where to put back every component that you have removed to assure that you will stay safe as you drive with the new CV joint in place.

It is important too that you only buy high-quality replacement OEM parts for your Porsche CV joint. This is one assurance that you will be able to drive as smooth as before the joint needs replacement.