Common Reasons For Porsche A/C Compressor Failure

The Porsche A/C compressor is one of the most important components in your car's air conditioning unit. Once this part fails, it will be very easy for your unit to malfunction as well and when this happens, your comfort during the ride will be compromised. Being able to troubleshoot the problem requires some careful effort on your part. Part of that effort is to establish the common reasons behind why compressors fail. Here is a list.

Failure to Flush the A/C Unit

One of the reasons behind why A/C compressors fail is the fact that you fail to flush the A/C system from time to time. Picture this. Hoses and compressors are supposed to breathe in good air to the system so you can enjoy the rest of the ride especially on a warm summer day. When these pieces become torn, there is a great chance that dust, grime, and dirt will enter the system and can mix into the oil that lubricates it. The sludge that enters into the compressor forces it to stop and to eventually fail.

Failure to Use the Compressor on a Regular Basis

One of the reasons for excessive wear and tear of the compressor is the failure to run them regularly. Remember that compressors are supposed to be lubricated and they won't be able to do so unless you run them on a regular basis. Lubrication brings life to the compressor. You do not need to run the car around the neighborhood to make the compressor run. Just switch the engine on and turn the air conditioning system for a few minutes so that the compressor will run as well.

Excessive Pressure on the Compressor

There are times when compressor pressures will either be high or low. High pressure will happen when there are defective motor windings in the system or when condenser fans have not been connected in the right way. This will result to damage to the compressor. In like manner, low pressure charge on the refrigerant can cause a problem as well because this will fail to lubricate the compressor.

Choosing to Use Refrigerant Blends

There are specific refrigerants that are recommended for your Porsche car and choosing to use refrigerant blends instead of the recommended one will compromise the A/C compressor big time. At first, the O-rings as well as the seals of the system are affected by the use of such blends. This will further on become a problem once you notice swelling or leaking on the compressor. When worse turns to worst, the compressor will quickly deteriorate thus causing you to seek replacement right away.

Improperly Charged Freon in the System

Compressors that have been manufactured after 1990 have smaller capacities when compared to older compressors. These are expected to use lesser refrigerant and oil in them and are commonly sensitive as to the exact amount of oil pumped inside them. You have to make sure that you use the right type of oil when charging the system or else, the entire A/C unit will break down. This can also clog the Porsche expansion valve, orifice tube, and condenser.