Common Causes Of High Pressure Discharge In Porsche A/C Compressors

The normal refrigerant cycle starts once the refrigerant makes its way into the compressor at a low pressure. From there, the pressurized gas will flow and move to the condenser in order to condense the liquid before it can be exhausted and given off as hot air. The pressurized liquid will then move and flow to the expansion valve. What happens when there is a high-pressure discharge instead of a low pressure in Porsche A/C compressors? You should be familiar with the common causes of this occurrence.

Before going into those causes, let us explain what a discharge pressure is. Discharge pressure can either be low discharge or high discharge in nature. The discharge pressure is basically the pressure that is generated from the output side of the gas compressor. When something wrong happens during the process, you can see the problem that it creates on the AC compressor.

Presence of Air in the A/C System

This is one of the causes that lead to high-pressure discharge in your car A/C compressor regardless of what car model or car brand you own. The presence of air in the system will signal you to recharge it right away.

Clogged Condenser

Another common cause of high-pressure discharge in a car A/C compressor is a clogged condenser. When your condenser gets clogged then this means that you will need to clean the condenser in order to assure that this integral part of the A/C unit will work in an efficient manner and as needed. Check if the discharge bulb is closed. If you happen to spot that this is causing the problem in the A/C compressor, all you need to do is open the valve in order to release pressure.

Improper Positioning of the Condenser

One of the common causes of high discharge pressure in the compressor aside from the ones mentioned above is the improper positioning of the condenser. Improper positioning in this instance will mean that the condenser is either positioned far from the radiator or is centered on the fan. Checking the distance of the condenser from that of the radiator will help solve the concern. The condenser may also be repositioned so that it will be found at the center of the fan.

Overcharged System

An overcharged system may also cause this hassle in your car A/C compressor. There can be different ways to solve this issue. First is to remove some of the refrigerants in the A/C system. Second, you can also tighten the belt. Last but not the least – you can also install a larger fan once you have noted that the system is overcharged.

This is a very basic way to make sure that causes of high-pressure discharge in a car's A/C compressor can be solved properly. When you notice that there are certain parts that need replacement, you can rely on OEM parts to help you with the problem. It is better to check on all parts and see which one causes the problem.