Can Your Porsche Axle Failure Cause Car Transmission Problem

A faulty axle can easily damage your transmission. That’s why you should never ignore an axle glitch, however minor it seems. Each time the axle vibrates, it moves in a steady oval pattern instead of the usual circular pattern. This always results in the excessive ear on the differential in the transmission. What follows is always a transmission leave as a result of a damaged seal. But how in the first place do you know if your differential transmission is worn? It is easy. Simply grab the axle closes to the inner joint around the transmission. If you can move it up and down with ease, then the differential transmission is worn. Fix it. Then to protect your transmission from further damage, consider the following tips.

Call For Help When Stuck

The incredible wear on your car when you get stuck in ice or snow can lead to costly repairs. It gets worse with the fact that trying to unstuck your car in slick and inclement weather conditions can damage your vehicle's transmission. Think about it this way. If one tyre is spinning while the other lags behind trying to gain traction, the differential suffers. As you slam the car into reverse or drive, the wheels may be still in motion. This causes a jarring effect which can force the transmission to overheat and fail. The best you can do is to call for help if you can unless of course, you’re driving an off-road vehicle. The tow bill might be expensive, but in the end, it is much more affordable than a replacement or a major transmission overhaul.

Inspect The Differential Housing

Again, leave this to the expert. But before then, a quick inspection won’t be bad. The differential housing is located under your car, on the axle between both sets of wheels. It is that melon looking large bulge closed with blots. The lubrication that happens inside it when both wheels run does not function properly when one wheel spins and the other is stationary. Do not open the bulge in an attempt to fix it. Call your mechanic.  What happens is, the differential pin on gears spin twice as fast which is certainly bad. Ignoring the problem means the axle, gears and the entire housing will be damaged as they aren’t getting any lubrication.

Make The Necessary Replacements

Your mechanic will most likely advise you to replace one or all of the stressed differential pieces. This is because one of the damaged pieces of metal inside the axle can break off while you’re driving and puncture through the axle. This will force you to replace the entire Porsche axle unit, which is expensive. The convertor or the transmission fluid could also overheat and lead to a major overhaul of the replacement of the transmission.

Always Get Genuine Porsche Parts

The market is awash with fake Porsche parts. Part of the reason is because Porsche is an extra ordinary model. With that in mind, do not be swayed by cheap price tags on some Porsche parts especially when shopping online. Simply buy from genuine, licensed dealers.