Can You Fix A Broken Porsche Grille Assembly

Replacing a broken grille will entail a lot of cost since you will need to replace the entire assembly. For Porsche car owners out there, you will also presume that the cost of replacing the Porsche grille assembly will be very expensive. With this concern in mind, you may wonder if it is possible to fix the grille assembly instead of replacing the entire thing. It is possible.

It Depends Upon the Extent of Damage

You have to bear in mind that repair is not possible all the time. It will really depend upon the extent of damage. If only a portion has been damaged or a small part has been missing, it is easy to rectify the issue if you want to repair it. When the grille assembly is a total wreck, it is best to just choose to purchase OEM Porsche parts and have the entire assembly replaced.

Fixing a Broken Porsche Grille Assembly

Start by creating the missing piece. You will need molding bars dropped into boiling water or you can heat the water inside a microwave oven. The heat can help soften the molding bars after a few minutes. Once they have softened then you can take them away from the boiling water. Press the softened molding bars to the existing part and hold them on the spot until they cool off. This will help create the pattern needed to replace the missing piece. Secure the molding bar using a tape.

Fill up the mold with a special type of liquid that will fix the material into place. Squeeze the liquid slowly but surely onto the powder starting with two to three drops. You can stab the ball of liquid and powder created by the mixture using a needle. You can also sprinkle a thin powder of coating into the surface and allow the powder to saturate the liquid. Add more layers of powder depending on the thickness you desire. Allow the liquid to cure for some time before you remove the tape you have placed over the molding bar. Smooth the surface by using grit sand paper. Using the sand paper, you can cure the liquid into the right shape of the missing piece.

Replacing the Porsche Grille Assembly

As you can see, fixing a broken grille can be a very tough job. This will require expertise on the part of whoever will repair it. You cannot just do the task on your own unless you have the desire to do so. It will take time perfecting the entire job and will also require effort on your part.

If you are unsure about what to do when it comes to fixing grille assemblies, it is best to just have the assembly replaced especially when there are several missing pieces from the original pattern. You just have to choose the perfect replacement for your grille assembly. You can do that by choosing the assembly made for the Porsche car model you own. Ask help when ordering the part you need and you will surely avoid the trouble caused by your grille assembly.