Can Bad Porsche Windshield Wipers Damage The Windshield?

Wiper blades are supposed to operate smoothly in order to deliver their functions of cleaning your windshield from anything that can be a hindrance to your driving. When they have gone bad, however, you will surely be frustrated. This can also pose dangers to your life since your views will become more obstructed. Worn Porsche windshield wipers will surely damage your windshield and this can be caused by torn or nicked rubber edges.

What Happens When You Have Bad Windshield Wipers?

Rubber edges of windshield blades tend to be torn and nicked when windshield wipers have gone bad. When this is the case, it will be easy for water to sneak by since it cannot be wiped away by the blade. As you can see, bad windshield wipers can be more than just having streaks on your windshield. Deep scratches can also be made on the surface. Since some windshield wiper blades have thin metal strips in them, scratches will become more evident over the windshield and before you realize it, the windshield can be damaged.

Types of Scratches Left on the Windshield

Scratches left by bad windshield wipers over your windshield will range from those that can be just as distracting as streaks. There are those that can lead to water channeling from the windshield to your cars as well. These scratches can even compromise the newer wiper blades that will replace the bad old ones. Scratches can also reflect not just sunlight but also headlight beams from cars you will meet down the road during night time.

How to Solve the Problem

Many of you will resort to simply polishing the scratches out of the glass. This is possible only when the scratches are minor in nature. The entire process is quite delicate. Add to that the fact that polishing the windshield will cause the surface to distort, warp, and eventually shatter if you have not done the process correctly. You cannot totally eliminate the scratch and will just minimize its appearance and effects on the windshield.

You simply need to spot where the problem comes from and from there, you can decide what to do. If the wiper blade edge is hanging, or when you have seen that the wipers are already in poor condition, you need to replace the part right away. The same is true when streaks are left on the windshield.

What Else Can You Do with Bad Windshield Wipers?

Bad windshield wipers must be given the much-needed attention in order to prevent you from suffering accidents later on. You must not wait until the problem worsens before you act upon the situation. Any sign of a problem should never be neglected. You must make it a point that you order only genuine Porsche parts for replacement. There are plenty of OEM Porsche parts out there that can replace the older windshield wiper that you want to change. You can buy them immediately without breaking the bank. All you need to do is order from those offering only high-quality products for your luxury car.