Can A Flat Battery Affect My Volvo's Performance?

Have you ever wondered if there is a direct link between your car’s performance and its battery? Can the condition of the battery affect efficiency? Truth is, the battery cannot affect your car’s performance. On the flipside though, there is a direct line between the condition of your car’s battery and its efficiency. That’s because components like the alternator and even the lighting system of your car rely on the battery.  To prove there is no link between the battery and the car’s performance, turn on your car, allow the engine to run then remove the battery. Your car will run like nothing’s amiss until you switch off the engine. This does not mean in any way that you should use any battery for your car. Like you are about to find out, using a failing battery comes along with serious repercussions on vital car components.

The Alternator

A failing battery can easily shorten the life of your car’s alternator.  That’s because once the engine starts running, the alternator takes over. In other words, the alternator runs the car. It does this by providing power to several electronic accessories. It also charges the battery. Anytime the battery is weak or its voltage drops to 12 volts and below, the alternator is forced to work harder than it should. This can lead to a short lifespan, which explains why you may have to replace your Volvo’s alternator just months after buying the car.

Gas Consumption

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re on a budget is fuel consumption. But a weak car battery can easily bring your worries alive by forcing your car to guzzle fuel abnormally. The battery is directly linked to your car’s accessory belt. With the alternator already working harder than it should because of a failing battery, increased exertion is guaranteed. This automatically increased and sometimes even doubles the engine’s fuel consumption.

Engine Components

Never allow your car battery voltage to drop below 12 volts. Low voltage translates to high amps. High amps then translate to high temperatures. High temperatures translate to overheating. Before you know it, the radiator gets affected, the coolant reservoir cracks and the piping around the radiator stops working. In short, a failing battery can easily affect vital components of the car engine.

Car Accessories Performance

The battery is responsible for powering subtle yet vital car components. These include all dashboard lights, fuel pump, power windows, heaters and even seats. All these components will be crippled if the battery fails or is simply weak. Note that modern Volvo’s also come along with in built computer systems which facilitate diagnostics. With a failing battery, the system alongside other components like the oxygen sensor will just not work.

Fuel Delivery

A failing battery can also result in poor fuel delivery to engine cylinders. You will notice this once the engine begins to sputter when the car is in idle mode. The engine can also lurch or run a little rougher than normal. All these problems are usually caused by a battery that is not charged well.