Benefits Of Porsche Xenon Lights

Regardless of the fact how good you are behind the wheels, and how amazing your eyesight is, driving at the night time can be tricky. This is particularly applicable when the weather has gone wrong, or when you are really tired of long driving. A good set of headlights is what you would want in such a situation. To avoid any risk of road accident at nighttime, excellent visibility is very important to detect any potential danger that may occur.

Xenon headlights have gained popularity recently as one of the systems used by the Porsche manufacturers.  It is also known as the HID headlights or High Intensity Discharge. They offer a crispy whitish light with a bluish hue, illuminating the road to a large extent. There are plenty of reasons why you should choose this as a headlight in your Porsche model.

The Element Of Science

Most of us have heard about Xenon as one of the noble gases with no odor. It is quite stable under typical atmospheric pressure and temperature. In comparison to a standard halogen light, a xenon unit produces light by an electric arc jumping from one link to the other. In halogen, the light is emitted because of a huge resistance caused by current passing through a filament. In case of Xenon lights, the chamber in which the contacts assemble is filled by the gas, thus amplifying the brightness of the light. It helps in quickly reaching the required temperature for emission of an intense beam.

Long Lasting And High Intensity

Generally in a filament bulb, there is a consistent change of temperature, with lights switching on and off. It makes the thin wire more brittle, leading to the bulb blowing out! In case of a Xenon light, there is no filament as such, and you can expect them to last longer. They offer a clearly defined and consistent beam with higher intensity!

Manufacturers make use of self-levelling systems to avoid the beam pointing too high, since it can dazzle the traffic. When the car’s back is weighed down with luggage and people, it can be a real issue. When the ignition is tuned on at the nighttime, you may notice the beam bopping about in a car equipped with Xenon headlights. This is actually a calibration process to ensure that leveling is done perfectly.

Best Alternative

Cheaper cars still use the old traditional halogen headlights, but higher trim levels like that of Porsche have already switched to Xenon headlights. The only option that competes with the efficiency and accuracy of xenon lights is LED. Laser headlights are also an option, offering great intensity with superior accuracy in preventing high beam for oncoming traffic. Overall, HID headlights can produce up to 5 times brightness than that of regular bulbs. Another plus point is enhanced durability, as it can last anywhere up to 150,000 road miles. You can be saved from the requirement of upgrading at least a couple of years from the date of purchase.