Are Metallic Or Ceramic Brake Pads Better For Porsche Cars?

There are different types of brake pads which you can choose from when it comes to your Porsche cars. Are you aware of either metallic or ceramic brake pads? Are you thinking of whether to have either of these two types? If you are then you might as well read this page and find out which one is better for your ride.

Metallic Brake Pads

Metallic brake pads are actually made for drivers who have to race more miles when using their Porsche cars. They are also recommended for drivers carrying heavy loads in their trucks. If you are thinking of going metallic for your Porsche brake pads then it will be good to note that these components give your brakes the reliable and aggressive bite they need in varying conditions.

Are They Always Worth It?

While metallic brake pads are aggressive, there is no guarantee that they should always be your go-to whenever you need to replace your brake pads. Take note that they burn much faster than their ceramic counterpart. Add to that the fact that they produce a substantial amount of dust and a louder sound. The more you make use of your car, the more you will need to stock up on metallic brake pads. Yes, there are certain instances that call for the need to use metal brakes over metal surfaces but using one does not apply in all cases.

Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads are the opposite of metallic brake pads since they are made for drivers who do not have to race down the track or those that do not carry super heavy loads on a day to day basis. Do not think that ceramic brake pads are the usual components seen in dolls. For your brakes, this type of brake pad is actually made out of a combination of ceramic material either with carbon fiber or copper.

Are They Always Worth It?

Ceramic brake pads produce lesser noise when compared to their metal counterparts. They also go easy on your brake rotors and have the capacity to dissipate heat thus allowing your system to last longer. Since they are not as aggressive as metallic pads, they tend to result to slippage especially when you are driving during extreme weather conditions.

Metallic or Ceramic Brake Pads for Your Porsche Cars?

It will really depend upon your usage of your car. There are times when the load might be heavier than usual and you may need to race more frequently. When this is the case, you will need a metallic brake pad. If it is the other way around then you will definitely need ceramic brake pads.

Sometimes you can also stick to the usual brake pads of your Porsche. Replace the brake pads according to specifications and get the same pad with the same exact configuration as the one you are about to remove. You can scout for options and you can always weigh in on which one will serve your needs best. It can either be metallic or ceramic or another material.