All You Need To Know About Porsche Wiper Blades

Windshield wipers are very important components of your car. They work for your safety by wiping away dirt, water, leaves, and everything else that will affect your driving visibility. These wipers have very important parts known as wiper blades. If you own a Porsche, it is important to know more facts about Porsche wiper blades.

Wiper Blades Need Regular Inspection

Since they take on bulk of the job and come in contact with your windshield and all other elements that affect visibility, expect that wiper blades will reach their wear and tear. If you want to make sure the blades are still in tiptop shape, you need to inspect them regularly. Check if the joint or frame arms have been detached. Metal corrosion on the joints and claws must also be inspected. Look for visible cracks, missing pieces, and tears particularly in the rubber squeegee's edge. You will also need to flex the rubber squeegee to check if it is still flexible. The squeegee must also be secured in the wiper frame.

You Need To Regularly Maintain Wiper Blades

You have to remember that visibility affects driving. As drivers, you will definitely rely on your wiper blades to take on the task of clearing the windshield from snow, sleet, and rain. One of the mistakes you may commit when it comes to handling your wiper blades is to replace them only when you need them. Remember that it is important to regularly maintain your wiper blades to make sure they stay reliable and efficient in helping you maximize your visibility.

It is recommended that wiper blades be checked at least once every six months and make sure that they are replaced at least once yearly. Squeegees and metal frames must be checked to prevent problems with skipping, streaking, wearing, chattering, and splitting – all of which are common problems encountered with wiper blades.

Wiper Blades and Their Functionality are Affected by Several Environmental Factors

Among them are the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, and the use of car waxes. Sand, dust, and mud which you need to deal with whenever you drive are also part of these list of factors. Do not forget that moisture brought about by salt water and acid rain can also be culprits to wiper blade malfunction.

There Are Different Problems Commonly Encountered by Wiper Blades

Many drivers think that the problems that affect the functionality of wiper blades are one and the same thing. The truth is they are different from each other and can be brought about by different conditions. Skipping, one of these problems, occur once the blade curves due to lack of use. Streaking, on the other hand, takes place once the squeegee dries, cracks, and hardens. Splitting, another common problem for wiper blades, takes place once the ultraviolet rays of the sun gets into the rubber squeegee. Wearing is another common problem which occurs because of extensive use of your wiper blades.

When you notice that something has gone different with your driving visibility, you must make sure that you replace your wiper blades right away. There are OEM Porsche parts that you can rely on to get the replacement parts you need for your Porsche windshield wipers.