A Simple Guide On Volvo Alternators

The alternator is a critical part of your Volvo which without it, your car will not be able to power up beyond 30 minutes. It is essential to understand the functions of the alternator and the symptoms when it is wearing out so that you can get it repaired before it fails.

What Is The Function Of Volvo Alternator?

The Volvo alternator is an important piece of equipment which helps to charge up the car battery and other electrical component in the system when the car is started. Once the engine is running, the alternator takes over to power the battery and electric systems.

What Are Some Symptoms Of Alternator Problems?

Alternator failure usually happens in stages and it displays a couple of symptoms before it is totally out. As the alternator powers the electrical system within the car, you may observe that the symptoms involve the electrical functions. Some symptoms of failure include flickering or fading interior and external lights, dim or no illuminations of the warning lights and the dysfunction of car battery. Car battery might not be able to charge up, so you may experience stalling or your Volvo might not be able to start up. The worse situation that may occur is your vehicle unable to move as the dying alternator is unable to provide sufficient energy to keep the car battery and electric system powered.

Is It The Battery Or The Alternator?

You may have difficulties identifying if the malfunction of the car is due to the battery or the alternator. The first step is to check if the lights and battery gauge on your vehicle dashboards are properly illuminated, should the lights be dim, the fault might be on the battery. Next, you can try turning on the automatic windows, windshield wipers or lights. Ensure that these are turned off before you attempt to start the vehicle again. If you fail to start it still, carefully wipe away any corrosion on the battery with a rag and jump-start the vehicle.

Allow your Volvo to run for awhile before you turn off the car. If you are unable to re-start the vehicle, this is a sign that it might be the alternator that is malfunctioning as it is unable to charge the battery when the engine is running. Either the battery or the alternator can be purchased easily from any website or workshops and the replacement can be done easily. Be sure to charge up your battery before you test your new alternator to maximize the usability and prevent misfunctioning.

What Can Be Done to Resolve Alternator Problem?

The solution to alternator problem is simple, you can send your vehicle to the workshop to replace the alternator or simply replacing it yourself. Alternators are inexpensive and because it is almost always located at the front of the engine, it is not difficult to replace the alternator.