6 Main Culprits Behind Porsche Ignition Problems

The Porsche ignition has several parts. When one part of the system does not work, there is a great chance that a problem will arise, the most common of which is that your car will not start. This may cause you to leave the car behind and commute to be able to catch up with your schedule. What can be the common culprits to these problems?

#1 – Unclean Spark Plug

When spark plugs seem to not be giving out any spark then you should simply clean it up using a dry piece of cloth, preferably one that is made out of cotton. Sometimes, water seeps inside the plug thus causing it to malfunction or not spark at all. In case the car is not starting even when you have cleaned the spark plug, you need to have the car ignition checked by a specialist. Remember not to leave your car outside when it is raining in order to avoid this problem.

#2 – Corroded Ignition Switch

Another culprit behind ignition problems is a corroded ignition switch. Remember that when the switch comes in contact with corrosion, there is a great chance that the situation will cause resistance. When this is the case, you simply need to replace the ignition switch and from there, you will be able to solve the problem in no time.

#3 – Overheating Engine

There is such a thing as a controlled explosion that occurs inside the engine whenever you start a car via the ignition system. The process can emit large amounts of heat but is controlled in such a situation through the coolant. Take note that when the car has not undergone repair for a long time, the cooling system will be compromised and cause it not to work properly. You have to make it a point that you check the coolant level regularly in order to avoid engine problems, most specifically overheating.

#4 – Broken Ignition Switch Wire

When you notice that your ignition switch heats up once you turn on the ignition, then this can be due to either a broken ignition switch wire or loose connection in the ignition. Like with the other problem caused by the ignition switch, the main solution to this problem is to replace the switch right away.

#5 – Faulty Link

That faulty link takes place between the ignition switch and that of the ignition lock which causes the car to start but prevents it from turning off. In this case, two things need to be replaced and these are the key tumbler assembly and the ignition switch.

#6 – Discharged Battery

Was there ever a time when your engine did not start even when you have turned on the ignition? When this is the case, it can be because of a discharged battery. You need to charge the battery as well as check the ignition wire. In the case of the latter, the defective wire may be obstructing the battery to supply the amount of current needed by the engine. You can simply repair the ignition switch and wiring once you have established this as a culprit.