5 Reasons Why Your Porsche Brake Lights Work But Tail Lights Don’t

A police officer will most likely pull you over for driving at night or in a foggy condition with your tail lights off. It won’t matter that the car you’re driving is Porsche’s latest model.  You will then explain to the officer that you can see from the dashboard your brake lights working well and that you had no idea the tail lights were completely off. It will then hit you that your Porsche lighting components need your attention.  So what exactly happens when your brakes lights work well but your tail lights don’t? Is it a problem you can fix or one that will force you to see an expert? To find out the answers, one first needs to explore why the brake lights do not turn on. There could be several reasons, key among them being.

Burnt Bulbs

Your Porsche’s tail lights are composed of light bulbs which are more or less like the ones you use at home. To access the bulbs, you will have to remove the car’s lenses from the trunk.  Unscrew the bulb then check if the bulbs are blackened. The bulb could be entirely or partially blackened. Either way, it will have been burnt beyond use. In most cases, your dashboard will have a signal indicator to alert you that you have a burnt bulb.

Burnt Sockets

Burnt or melted sockets will make it hard for the brake lights to turn on. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix. Simply replace them. Keep in mind though that one melted socket can easily mean the other working socket has a ‘teething’ problem. It could be just a matter of time before it also busts off the bulb. So have all sockets inspected anytime you notice one socket has a problem. Replace the whole set if can.

Damaged Wiring

Dislocated or damaged wiring mostly happen after one has been hit at the tail end. Tail light wirings get damaged in the process, so you might not immediately notice that there is a serious lighting problem. Open the trunk to inspect the wire from the lid. Try to reattach any loose wires you can see. Take your Porsche to a mechanic the wires have been severely damaged. Remember that damaged wiring can also be as a result of a blown out fuse. This means even if you repair the wiring, you will still have to replace the fuse.  This leads to yet another reason why your brake lights do not work.

Blown Out Fuse

There isn’t a single electronic component in a Porsche that hasn’t been connected to its own fuse. From the dashboard warning lights and the radio to the lighter socket and brake lights, each component has its own fuse.  So when one of the fuses gets broken, the circuit is cut off. This alone could be the reason why your brake lights do not turn on. Porsche lighting components hardly fail, but then again, the fuse can be your Porsche’s savior when a circuit gets overloaded.

Electrical Problems

Porsche as a model comes along with a complex electrical system. That is in fact, one of the main reasons why your Porsche electrical issues should always be handled by an expert. Be sure to also have your car inspected on a regular basis.