5 Reasons Why You Still Hear Noises Even After A Porsche Axle Replacement

Getting your Porsche axle replaced after having problems in your car related to this part will give you a sigh of relief. At last, you can be sure you are more than ready to drive down the road and no longer be hassled by any problem. But what if you have run several miles and you have noticed there are still noises that seem to be clunking the engine. You cannot help but ask what is causing the commotion? Here is a list of culprits to this kind of situation.

#1 – Bent Dust Shield

If you have replaced the axle on your own and might not have paid attention to all parts that the components you have removed and replaced have touched then there is a big chance you will hear those noises. One of the common reasons why there can be noise is due to a bent dust shield that comes in contact with the rotor. You might have not noticed that the dust shield became bent after replacing the axle.

#2 – Half-Shafts Are Not Fully Seated

As mentioned a while back, there can be problems with some components that you have touched when you replaced the axles. The grinding noise, for instance, can be due to the fact that half-shafts have not been locked into the transmission. It can also be because the half-shafts retaining nut was not tightened properly. Make sure you check this problem right away or else the hub spines or the transmission carrier will be stripped.

#3 – Lack of Lubrication

Replacing the axles does not stop when you have easily slid in the replacements and secured them in their respective places. It is imperative to lubricate parts to allow them to move properly without those disturbing grinding and vibrating noise that you are hearing.

#4 – Loose Bolt

Replacing old axles with new ones will require working with nuts and bolts. If you are hearing a clunking sound after you have made replacement then it can be due to the fact that there is a bolt you forgot to tighten. You simply need to check this out. Any worn out nuts and bolts need to be replaced as well so as not to compromise the quality of work to be delivered by the new axle.

#5 – Remanufactured Axles

One of the most common culprits to a noise that is heard even after axle replacement is the fact that you have used remanufactured axles. It can be that you did not know you are buying a remanufactured part or you want to save money on your purchase. These remanufactured parts may work but only for a short period of time. With that noise, you cannot be sure it was a really good buy after all.

Always purchase genuine OEM Porsche parts to make sure that you will get the result you want from a replacement part. Otherwise, you will not just be merely hearing those noises. You will be problematic as to how short the product you have bought will work.