5 Most Common Windshield Problems And How To Fix Them

Porsche owners hive little thought to Porsche windshield wipers until they need them and they fail to work as they should. One then ends up driving in fog or through torrential rain. This is risky and life threatening. Truth is, you do not have to wait for your wiper blades to start smearing sheets of water across the windshield. Your windshield should never be a blurry mess for whatever reason. Your wipers should at all times whenever and wherever work well. You only have to inspect them regularly and fix any minor or major problem you come across. Such problems include:

Smearing In Both Directions

This can mean three things. Your wiper blades could have been worn out, you may have a dirty wiper blade or windshield or your Porsche has run out of its windshield wiper fluid. To fix the problem, use new wiper fluid. Then clean the wiper blades and the windshield before replacing the blades. Use a clean rag dipped in warm soapy water to clean the wiper blades. Be sure to wipe the edge of the blade with rubbing alcohol. This will reduce streaks on your windshield and guarantee clear visibility.

Water Smearing In One Direction

This happens mostly in cold weather.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to fix the problem, unless you notice it when it’s hot. This would mean that your wiper blades are either hard or old or they are of the wrong size. Either way, you will have to but new wiper blades.

Tiny Water Beads That Don’t Wipe

Of all wiper problems that exist, this one is the most annoying. Part of the reason is because water beads are supposed to trickle down the windshield on their own. They however stick due to a number of reasons. The problem is common in areas with high pollution. It happens because of grime and residue that builds on the windshield which force water beads to stick. So before treating your windshield with a product that repels water, clean any residue and grime. Use a strong glass cleaner or a wax remover.


Chatting sound can be a symptom of so many things. It could mean that the wipers fail to wipe water away efficiently. It won’t be long before you see streak marks left behind by the chattering blade. Wax, oil and grease build up can easily cause this problem.   The buildup prevents the blades from wiping water away. Thorough scrubbing of your windshield should fix the problem. Be sure to clean the blades as well to completely fix the problem.

Bent Wiper Arm

This can also cause constant chattering of your Porsche windshield wipers.  To find out if this is the problem, bring the affected wiper up to mid stroke. Examine the wiper blade assembly. The blade assembly should make full contact with windshield. The blade arms on the other hand should be parallel to the glass. It should therefore be easy for you to notice a bent. Use pliers to gently twist the bent arm until it is visibly parallel with the glass.