4 Reasons Why Your Porsche Radiator Fan Keeps Failing

A running car gets its power from the engine where heat is produced in the process. The heat produced by the engine is at normal levels if the radiator fan is working just fine especially because the job of the radiator is to keep the engine from overheating. When the engine sends signals that your Porsche radiator fan has been compromised and you are stuck in this failure most of the time, the following reasons are actually causing the problem.

#1 – Leaking Coolant

The coolant works by flowing through the radiator. When a radiator has leaks, then there is a big chance that the coolant will leak as well and this can go onto the floor where the vehicle is parked or on the road where your car is driving at. Any leaks or cracks on the radiator will lead to radiator fan failure. When this is the case, you need to send out the car to a mechanic for the necessary pressure test. The test is made by applying pressure on the radiator and eventually adding colored dye to the cooling system. Once a leak has been established in the process, take this as a signal that the radiator must be replaced.

#2 – Overheating Vehicle

An overheating vehicle is a sign that something is wrong with the radiator. When you fail to solve the problem immediately then the radiator fan will keep on failing. While the radiator may not have completely failed just yet, it still pays to address the issue right away. Any problem that has been left unattended will cause the engine to overheat and compromise both the engines and the radiator. You need to send out the car for repair as soon as possible or the problem will become extensive and irreparable.

#3 – Radiator Sludge

The vehicle coolant is usually red, green or yellow. When the radiator is failing then it can be attributed to the fact that the radiator has a sludge. The discoloring in the coolant is an indication that there are contaminants in it. Usually rust in color, the sludge will affect the fluid and will cause it to not do its job. The engine will not cool since the fluid is not drained properly.

#4 – Low Coolant

Low coolant levels are often signs of problems with the A/C compressor. It can also be a problem with the radiator which keeps the fan from working properly. In times like this, you need to refill the coolant tank. Check if the radiator has leaks because this might be causing a constant low coolant level for your car as well. You cannot just keep on refilling your coolant when this is the case. The entire vehicle needs to be diagnosed.

Keep your radiator fans from failing by sending them off for diagnosis. Repair them depending upon the recommendation of the mechanic. When the radiator needs to be replaced then you have to replace them right away. Make sure you only choose genuine OEM Porsche parts for replacement.