4 Most Common Porsche A/C Compressor Blunders Porsche Owners Make

Air conditioning systems rely on several parts for it to function properly. One of the most common parts that take up bulk of the work for these systems is car A/C compressors. If you own a Porsche car and you want to make sure that the Porsche A/C compressor works hand-in-hand with other parts of the A/C unit, you must make sure that you avoid the most common blunders that car owners make.

#1 – Lack of Regular Maintenance

A lot of car owners think it is not necessary to perform A/C compressor maintenance on a regular basis especially when the compressor and the unit, as a whole, works just right. Remember that regular maintenance is the key to making sure that the air conditioning unit will be able to blow cold air to keep you fresh on a hot summer's day. It will also be a great way to spot if one or several parts of the compressor needs replacement or not.

#2 – Forgetting to Check Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant levels are important to the proper functioning of the air conditioning unit. When you forget to check this, there will come a time that the refrigerant levels will be low and can be a culprit for the A/C compressor and the A/C unit to not work properly. The unit will blow out hot air and even when you realize it is about time to replenish the refrigerant, it will already be too late to salvage the compressor.

Another problem that this may result to is the fact that the car AC compressor will not turn on. Compressors fail to engage with coolant or refrigerant levels that are too low. When the compressor kicks on and off from time to time then you have to pay attention to this mistake that you have been committing all along.

#3 – Failure to Use Recommended Lubricant

You have to take note that manufacturers design A/C compressors for a specific type of lubricants with specific viscosity. You will surely get aftermarket lubricants out there that say they can be used for a wide array of applications and for all types of compressors. The sad thing is they will not really work that way. You must take note of the importance of getting only the recommended lubricant for your compressor type.

#4 – Using Remanufactured Parts for Replacement

When there will come a time that you need to replace your old A/C compressor and other components like rear AC tube bolts, the first thing you should do is to look for parts for replacement. You may come across remanufactured parts instead of OEM Porsche parts. Since remanufactured parts may cost less then you will buy them right away especially when you are on a tight budget. If you think you are getting your money's worth with this investment, you are wrong.

The truth is you must always consider how genuine the replacement part is. It can be costlier than the remanufactured version but it is guaranteed to go a long way. It also comes with a warranty that will work to your utmost satisfaction.