4 Essential Porsche Ball Bearing Maintenance Tips

Porsche ball bearings always seem insignificant until they fail. That is when one realizes how important they are. To put this into perspective, your car can pull in one direction even when your steering trim is perfectly straight. That can happen because of neglected ball bearings which suddenly become seized and make it hard for one to drive. To avoid this, take good care of your Porsche ball bearings. Only then can you be sure of axles that spin freely, differentials that rotate with ease, an engine that spins to the right rpms and a steering that moves left or right when it should. The following ball bearing maintenance tips should therefore come in handy for you.


The first rule here is to avoid cleaning your ball bearings using water based cleaners. This will cause rust, which will in turn cause premature wear of the bearings or even failure.  Then by all means avoid cleaning your Porsche ball bearings on the car. It is best to remove bearings so as to properly clean them.

Though bearings in hub carriers can sometimes be hard to remove, you can still do it with a little precision. Use an axle, insert it partially then wiggle it back and forth. The bearing will come out with ease. If this does not work, remove the axle completely. Then press the bearing out from inside with a screwdriver or a hex wrench. Be keen as you do this so as to avoid hitting the seal of the bearing. This can easily cause a dent in the seal which can cause further damage.  Aim for the outer or inner bearing rings.


Once your bearings are out, spray them with motor spray before using a rag to clean their exterior. Inspect the bearings visually to look for obvious damage such as missing seas and dents. If everything looks, good, clean the bearings then put them back. If the seams are damaged or dented, replace the bearings.

Rubber Sealed Bearings

The colored seals of rubber sealed bearings can easily be removed and replaced. All you need is a hobby knife. Use the knife to wedge it from inside the seal. Pop it up gently and work around the bearing. Avoid using the sharp side of the knife. With the inner components now exposed, spray the bearing with motor spray before spinning it with your fingers. This will make it easy for you to feel any roughness. Douse with motor spray if it feels rough and dirty. Once clean, the bearing should be able to spin freely. It will however be a bit loud as a result of inadequate lubrication.

Metal Shield Bearings

They are harder to clean compared to rubber sealed bearings. You will need more than just motor spray to clean the bearings. Put all metal shielded bearings in a plated container or sealed bottle mixed with acetone or any other solvent recommended by your Porsche mechanic. Shake vigorously a number of times. As soon as the solvent gets dirty, replace it with fresh solvent. Do this until the solvent is clean. To speed up the process, use an RPM bearing blaster.