3 Main Types Of Porsche Lights You Probably Haven’t Heard Of Yet

When it comes to Porsche lighting components and bulbs to be specific, one can easily get confused. That’s simply because there are tons of bulbs to choose from, with each described as fit for your Porsche. This is hardly ever true because there are only a handful of bulbs that can be used on a Porsche. The best you can do therefore is to learn a thing or two about the options you have. It may take you time, but in the end, you can be sure that making an informed choice will be easy.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs stand out as the oldest type of car bulb in the market today. The bulb features a tungsten filament which allows current to flow through it. It then gets hot and creates light. The hollow part of the bulb is filled with halogen gas which prevents the bulb from turning black. They are common mostly because they are easy to produce. They are also cheap. Your Porsche uses them for both interior and headlights.  The only downside with halogen bulbs boils down to the fact that they are not as long-lasting and as bright as LED and HID bulbs.

Xenon HID Bulbs

They are superior and advantageous to halogen bulbs in so many ways. They use a think electric arc between two electrons inside the bulb. Instead of halogen, they filled with xenon which easily produces a whiter and brighter light. This is one of the main reasons why most car owners prefer xenon bulbs for headlights.  They are not ideal for car interior use primarily because of their brightness. Note that you have to use an HID conversion kit if you want to switch from halogen bulbs to xenon bulbs. This practice is however regulated and is in fact illegal in most countries, so always check with your local authority before switching.

LED Bulbs

They are relatively new in the market. Most modern Porsche models feature them in selected Porsche lighting parts. They are made of the light emitting diode which allows the flow of electrons. The diodes are semiconductors which turn into light as electrons pass through them. This makes it easy for the bulb to produce lots of light without consuming too much energy.  They are ideal for car interior lighting, a fact which partly explains why LED conversion kits are now popular. Car owners simply prefer replacing old interior lighting components with LED bulbs. They last for long are affordable and like already mentioned, they produce more light.

What To Choose

Always refer to your car manual whenever in doubt. Then keep in mind that xenon HID and Halogen bulbs come in several different varieties.  So when choosing, take into account a number of considerations such as style, performance and price. For instance, go for maximum performance xenon bulbs if you want to see further on the road at night or while driving on a dimly light highway or tunnel. Go for midrange performance bulbs if you hardly drive in inclement weather conditions, at night or you do not wish to see further on the road while driving.