Rolls Royce

Charles Rolls and Henry Royce joined forces in 1904 with a passion for engineering and creating a brand of car that would be regarded as the best.

The Rolls-Royce Motor Car company was developed in 1906. In 1907, the Silver Ghost model was dubbed the “Best Car in the World” and broke records with its success. This was just one of the instances that defined the Rolls-Royce brand and gave it a reputation of quality.

Not only did the company become known for their vehicles, they bestowed the aviation industry with some of their talent and set an air speed record after World War I.

Pushing the Boundaries

From the start, Rolls-Royce has had an eye towards the future. Henry Royce stated, “Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.”

With iconic models like the Phantom and the Ghost as a part of their production line, Rolls-Royce has defined luxury for the 21st century. With branding such as “Unique Has no Rival” and “One for One,” – they’ve made a name not only in technical capability, but design altogether.

For the future, the Rolls-Royce 103EX is a vehicle used as a vision towards what could be. Rolls-Royce aims to always be an image of luxury, one that is timeless, no matter how advanced technology gets.

It’s exciting that a brand that has been around for so long can keep a spirit of innovation and desire to push boundaries. It’s a spirit that was imbedded in the brand by the founders themselves over a century ago. As a Rolls-Royce owner, knowing the creativity and imagination behind the company can be nothing short of exciting.

Thoughtful Manufacturing

The condition of someone’s home can say a lot about them. It’s apparent that Rolls-Royce thought about this when considering where their cars would be manufactured. Goodwood, England is where their state-of-the-art facility is housed. It was built with the goal of lowering the impact on the environment.

The headquarters of the brand speaks volumes to their values as a company. Located close to where Royce lived, it is keeping their rich history alive.

The facility was built to become a part of the landscape, with windows providing plenty of natural light. Tons of plants are present on the roof, which improve insulation. All green waste is composted.

60% of other waste types, like plastic and cardboard, are recycled. Extra leather is used in the fashion industry. And extra wood is donated to a local charity.

Per their website, Rolls-Royce has reduced their energy footprint by 29% per car in five years. It’s a testament to the company as a whole, showing that something beautiful can also be made sustainably.

Only the Best OEM Parts

We understand here at OEM Exotic Auto that owning a Rolls-Royce is a special privilege. It’s simultaneously owning a piece of history with all the promise of the future.

We offer 100% satisfaction on all parts as well as a 12-month warranty. Rest assured. As fellow car enthusiasts, we know the value of what you use on your vehicle and only feel comfortable providing the very best.

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