Founded in 1952 by two graduates of University College in London, Lotus has focused on road vehicles and sports models ever since.

Like many early car brands, the company evolved out of a love for racing and became a name among Formula One winners. Eventually, the cars produced became luxury sports cars that could be driven off the race track, too.

What has helped deliver the brand to greatness has been a focus on innovation on both the road and track.

Lightweight Leaders

Per the Lotus website, their philosophy is that “[Lotus is] a pioneer. We do not play by the rule book, instead, we redefine it. When our rivals catch up, we move the bar once more. Lotus never stands still.”

What sets apart Lotus from other car brands is the obsession with lightweight vehicles. Co-founder Colin Chapman stated “Simplify, then add lightness.” It’s been the Lotus way ever since.

Lotus has been the pioneer of minimalism ever since. The belief that the less weight, the faster a car goes has held the brand together. Lotus uses the least number of parts in the cars they manufacture while still maintaining an air of excellence and durability.

Less parts also means less of an environmental footprint, both in production and on the road. Never has Lotus sacrificed performance to maintain their iconic design and image as the lightest sportscars on the road. With a Lotus, you get it all.

The Perfect Balance

As previously mentioned, Lotus vehicles have been able to maintain a perfect balance of a lightweight vehicle with incredible handling capabilities.

Along with his affinity for lightness, Chapman placed an emphasis on control of a vehicle as well as precision and tight handling capabilities. He wanted a vehicle that could do it all – be balanced but agile, turning on a dime and speeding up when needed. A car that listened.

Apart from this, Lotus as a brand has ensured that the style of their vehicles has been maintained as well. With every vehicle that comes off the production line, there is a handcrafted quality that accompanies it.

Lotus takes pride in using the best materials for all the parts on the vehicle, from the use of carbon fiber for spoilers to the aluminum present on the chassis. Modern upgrades include additions to increase aerodynamics and lighter materials on center consoles, to of course, reduce weight.

The interiors feature handstitched design elements and of course, the cars themselves have maintained a sleek look through the years.

OEM Lotus Parts for Repair and Customizing

Whether you’re looking to make an upgrade, need a replacement part, or just want to add some customization to your Lotus, we are happy to help you out.

We offer a 12-month warranty on all parts sold and a 100% guarantee. You value durability and craftsmanship – and we understand that. Your Lotus deserves only the best.

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