“A technical product is only perfect when it’s aesthetically perfect too,” said Ettore Bugatti, the Italian founder of the French manufactured high-performance automobiles that have a high artistic element combined with raw power.

Found in 1909, Bugatti has delivered unique models in the car industry since the brand’s inception. Not only were these, from the start, gorgeous cars – they also won many races, including the Grand Prix.

The Bugatti family was one of many artists who used their talents and craftsman capabilities to lay the foundation for an iconic, unique brand in the automotive world.

Distinctive Character

The unique styling of the Bugatti was developed due to the vision and artistry of Ettore as well as all the other members of the family involved in the creative process.

Symmetry and perfect geometry are beautiful elements that are found on every model. There are over 100 design experts who pride themselves in creating works of art that match the quality and high performance of what’s under the hood.

Proudly Handcrafted

With such a beautiful exterior, you’re right to assume that the look of the interior of a Bentley is considered just as thoughtfully.

From the beginning up until the acquisition of the brand from Volkswagen in 1998, Bugatti has been able to retain its one-of-a-kind look and appeal as a sought-after supercar that only a select few can afford.

Carlo, Rembrandt, Ettore and Jean Bugatti were all major figures and faces representing the Bugatti name then and the legacy now. There was the value of individual expression brought to the table from Carlo, natural beauty from Rembrandt, sense of modern style from Jean, and of course, a vision for cutting edge technology and impeccable craftsmanship from Ettore himself.

The brand DNA is distinctly defined with fluid lines and a focus on elegance that was primarily developed by Ettore’s eldest son, Jean Bugatti. Their visions and sketches have been the model to follow as the legacy continues.

Cars in Production

The company struggled financially after the death of Ettore in 1947. The last model was released in the 1950’s before a long hiatus.

Volkswagen AG purchased the Bugatti Brand in 1998. It took several years of development and conceptualizing before a production model, the Veyron 16.4, was announced. It was sold to a buyer in 2005.

Nowadays, the brand has two models in production. While that may not seem like a lot, when you think about the cost and the focus on luxury, it makes sense that Bugatti would drive its focus towards developing two cars that are thought to be the absolute best in the industry.

There is, of course, the Veyron that was introduced in 2005 – since then, it has been thought of as a complete supercar. Multiple versions of the 16.4 have been released, such as the Grand and Super Sport models.

The other model is the Chiron, presented as the successor to the Veyron (which is completely sold out per Bugatti). It’s regarded as the most powerful and fast super sports car in the brand’s history, able to reach speeds of 260mph.

Shop Bugatti Parts

If you’re fortunate enough to have gotten your hands on a Bugatti for your collection, it’s safe to say that you value individuality, style, and luxury. Not only are these cars showpieces and a standout work of art in your garage, but they are also a tribute to incredible engineering feats.

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