Bentley has been a name in reliability and efficiency in the automotive industry for 95 years and counting. The brand made a name for itself with six victories in the Le Mans race – a test of endurance and efficiency at a well-respected leg of the Triple Crown of Motorsport. From the beginning, Bentley was dedicated to quality, implementing handcrafted and detailed design into every model.

You can spot a Bentley from a mile away. With the iconic matrix grille, four round headlights, and a contrast between smooth and sharp lines, you have a car that is not only known for its longevity but its style.

A Commanding Presence in Luxury

When you see a Bentley, you know. The Bentley ‘powerline’ is defined with a sharp edge from the front wheel arch down the side of the frame. No matter what year it is, you can trust the team of experts on the design team to sketch the powerline before anything else when they’re brainstorming the next new work of art to come into production.

Symmetry and perfect geometry are beautiful elements that are found on every model. There are over 100 design experts who pride themselves in creating works of art that match the quality and high performance of what’s under the hood.

Proudly Handcrafted

With such a beautiful exterior, you’re right to assume that the look of the interior of a Bentley is considered just as thoughtfully.

All of the interior finishes are hand chosen and sourced as sustainably as possible. That means the wood veneers hunted down by a team of experts who appreciate unique style and protecting the environment.

Of course, these veneers are tested to ensure they meet high standards before being approved for use with a vehicle. Once approved, they’re hand-carved and given layers of protective coating that preserve their natural beauty. We wouldn’t expect anything less.

Other handcrafted elements include supple leather that is hand-stitched – present from the seats to the steering wheel. Sitting in a Bentley makes you appreciate the time and care that took place when putting together the ultimate in luxury.

Find only the best Bentley Parts

With the focus on quality and precision that comes delivered in every Bentley that makes its way off the assembly line, it only makes sense to shop OEM parts for your needs.

After-market car parts just won’t do when trying to match the standard of a Bentley automobile. OEM parts are a guaranteed fit and ensure durability and longevity – something that matches the brand’s ideals perfectly.

At OEM Exotic Auto, you can trust that we understand you as a Bentley owner. We understand the value you place on luxury and the need for parts that fit perfectly. There is a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on our OEM parts and a 12-month minimum warranty. We want to help you care for your vehicle and are here to assist in any way possible.

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